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Print, broadcast television, cable television, streaming television, streaming content, interactive content, the options are endless for how consumers access their entertainment and information. 

Over three decades into the age of the internet, the disruption of the media industry isn’t a trend, it is a constant. 

Ease of access to platforms, ease of content production, delivery models and most importantly strategic revenue models require a flexible technical platform that can support each trend in this highly competitive industry.

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Continuous Delivery of Business Value

  • Cross-channel journeys
  • Call deflection to digital channels
  • Agent & call center effectiveness

Optimized Engagement Every Day

  • Customer self-service
  • Omni-channel integration
  • Knowledge integration & leverage

Empowered Business Operations

  • Process automation
  • Data & system integration
  • Work center optimization
Business Value

Business Value

NCS has delivered hundreds of projects over 32 years. We pioneered approaches to touch point enhancement that are now commonplace, and we continue to innovate.

Omni-Channel Customer Service & Support

Communications carriers must contend with increased competition and cross-industry convergence.

We’ve enable them respond to customer demands for context-based, high-quality service that today must be seamlessly delivered across multiple channels. We apply our intelligence-driven approach, yielding solutions for:

  • Cross-Channel Customer Experience Insights
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Call Center Optimization
  • Supporting Business Process Enablement