Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Leveraging Business Process Automation

NCS has long experience in all levels of business process automation. We can help your company achieve key business goals, whether the need is for desktop automation, new RPA technology, or analytics-based intelligent workflows.

Automation technology has evolved over the years, enabling savvy organizations to slash costs while accelerating the pace of business by deploying robotic workers. NCS solutions optimize efficiency and accuracy in work center operations, collapse cycle times, and enable our clients to compete more effectively in the digital age.

Fast Path to Results

NCS Technologies can turbo-charge your RPA strategy and accelerate the return on your RPA investment.

Our RPA architects, business analysts, and developers operate as an extension of your team, delivering bots that streamline business operations while enabling your brand to interact better with customers.

NCS’ methodology and people will deliver results very quickly while giving your company the ability to scale RPA for a huge bottom-line impact.

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Immediate Business Impact

RPA is one of those technologies that can make an immediate impact on the bottom line, which can then scale dramatically. Business impact is rapid and significant because:

  • Large-scale transformation of existing systems is avoided
  • Investments in current systems yield extended value
  • Cycle times are collapsed
  • Errors are virtually eliminated
  • New data is captured, offering opportunities for additional savings, revenue, and service offerings
  • Employees are typically happier and engaged in higher-level activities where decision-making is required

With NCS, you can field an RPA initiative that delivers strong business value in a surprisingly short timeframe.

NCS RPA Center of Excellence

Maximized Efficiency

Large enterprises will continue to rely on agents in back office work centers for a long time.

Work Assignment Manager (WAM) is the intelligent path to dramatically reduced costs and faster processing of priority work.

Used daily by over 70,000 agents and managers, WAM intelligently matches work to available agents and relentlessly tracks every task through to completion.

WAM gives managers the real time metrics and tools they need to ensure backlogs are cleared and high-priority work gets done ASAP.

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Load — Prioritize — Assign — Optimize

Managers can define many kinds of work tasks to WAM, and these differing tasks are intelligently matched to available agents with the right skills – ensuring that qualified resources handle all work.

WAM enables enterprises to fine-tune back office operations, balance workloads, and get the most work done at the lowest possible operating cost. WAM also informs Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives, identifying the best opportunities for high ROI.

WAM has delivered huge benefits across dozens of work centers. Agents are less frustrated, customer tasks are completed more efficiently, management can more effectively schedule agent shifts, and overall operating cost is reduced.

Load, Prioritize, Assign, Optimize